Big Rocky, our handsome black poodle, has grown from a small pup at 8 weeks to a big 60 pound pup at 7 months and is still growing!  He is a happy boy with a pleasant personality who loves playing with the other poodles, playing fetch, enjoys being around people, loves to eat, and loves getting attention.  Rocky is currently going through all the health testing and as long as everything goes well,  he will be serving as our stud dog.

Rocky at 8 weeks.jpg

Rocky at 8 weeks.  What a beautiful boy!

Rocky and Bonnie baby pic.jpg

Rocky and Bonnie Rae relaxing together.

Rocky at .jpg

Big Rocky takes time out from his busy schedule to pose for some photos.

Bonnie at 9 months, Rocky 6.5 months.jpg

Rocky and Bonnie Rae enjoying some time outside and talking about what they'd like to eat that evening.

Bonnie 9 months with Rocky..jpg

Bonnie Rae (9 months) relaxing on the deck with Rocky (6.5 months).