Beautiful, smart, chocolate brown Maryann can look very regal one minute and playful the next.  She lets out a funny howl when she gets excited.  Then she flashes a big, pretty smile and wags her tail.  She loves being outside and chasing a ball.  She's so fast! She likes playing with the other dogs, too.  In the evening, she wants you to hold her and stroke her.  Then she gets down and goes to sleep.  A sweet dog! 

Maryann comes from AKC Champion Bloodlines.

Maryann at 5 months.jpg

Birthdate: 3-30-2018

Weight: 35 lbs.

Height: 20 1/2 inches at the shoulder

AKC Champion Bloodlines

Maryann relaxing in the sun revised.jpg
Beautiful Maryann.jpg
Maryann - wearing panty.jpg

'I told you I didn't want this posted....unless treats are involved.'