She has a very calm and soothing way about her.  She will be laying at my feet while I am working on the computer. Sitting beside me with her head on my lap while I am watching a movie.  But when it's time to go outside she comes alive!  Running and playing fetch makes her so happy.  A fun loving, easy going girl!  And let's not forget beautiful and smart!

Ginger the day after we brought her home

Ginger the day after we brought her home.

Ginger, 4 months.jpg

Ginger at 4 months


How this happened, I donut know.

Ginger, 10 weeks 2.JPG

Ginger, 10 weeks old, in her favorite plant.


Ginger outgrowing her favorite plant!

Ginger, polka, crop.jpg

So, when's dinner?


How 'bout I throw it and you get it this time?

Birthdate: 3-19-2018

Weight: 50 lbs.

Height: 24 inches at the shoulder