Bonnie Rae

Bonnie Rae is from Maryann's first litter.  We are so pleased how much Bonnie Rae takes after her mom!  She is beautiful, very pleasant, and even tempered.  She is super smart and well behaved.  All the characteristics her mom has!  She loves to run with the other dogs, play fetch, and lay in the yard enjoying the breeze rustling through her hair.  We will be breeding Bonnie Rae with Rocky in the future and look forward to her having puppies with all of the lovely qualities she and Rocky have.

Bonnie at 14 weeks.jpg

Bonnie Rae at 14 weeks old, her first time in the snow!

Bonnie at 16 weeks.jpg

Bonnie Rae at 16 weeks.  So cute!!

Bonnie at 5 months.jpg

Beautiful Bonnie Rae at 5 months

Bonnie at 7 months after her first big girl grooming.jpg

Bonnie Rae at 7 months old after her first big girl grooming!

Bonnie outside on lot.jpg

Bonnie Rae, playing on the big lot with the other poodles, takes time out for her photo op.